What if the project is sold, but the Approved Vendor does not change – is that permissible, and what requirements or conditions apply?

A sale of the project itself (or a majority equity share in the project) that results in a new system owner but not a new Approved Vendor is allowed while the project remains unselected for a REC contract. In such a case, the Approved Vendor is expected to contact the Program Administrator in order to update the ownership data for the project in the ABP portal. This project ownership change would not change any previous determination that the project was co-located, and it could, if applicable, cause the project to be newly considered co-located. The co-located pricing provision will only be applicable if the Illinois Commerce Commission’s approval of the second project is within one year or less of the Commission’s approval of the first project. If the first project has not yet received Commission approval at the time of the second project’s approval, then the co-located pricing provision will apply.