The Consumer Protection Database lists all consumer complaints received by the Program Administrator and all Approved Vendors and Designees that have been suspended from the Adjustable Block Program. This database lists complaints and suspensions in an abridged format.

This database is updated regularly to ensure that the information is up to date and serves as a valuable tool for Approved Vendors to make informed decisions. The identified subject of the complaint is based upon the information received from the complainant and may or may not reflect the actual circumstances. The status of the complaint can be defined as Under Investigation, Resolved, or Closed based on the resolution of the complaint as determined by the Program Administrator (see glossary below). Approved Vendors/Designees that have been suspended as a result of violations of the Program Guidebook are identified in the database as either currently suspended or having completed a suspension. More information on suspensions is included in the Program’s Disciplinary Actions Report, which can be viewed by clicking the button below:

View Program's Disciplinary Actions Report

The Illinois Power Agency (IPA) files a Complaints and Disciplinary Actions Report annually with the Illinois Commerce Commission. The filing contains additional information regarding complaints received and any disciplinary actions taken by the Program Administrator over the course of the year. The Program Administrator ensures that complainant’s personal or sensitive information will not be released through the publishing of complaints in this database or the annual Complaints and Disciplinary Actions Report. The Illinois Power Agency Solar Programs Consumer Complaint and Disciplinary Actions Reports filed to the Illinois Commerce Commission annually can be viewed by clicking the button below:

IPA Solar Programs Consumer Complaints and Disciplinary Actions Report


Under investigation: Describes a complaint where the Program Administrator is still working with the customer and Approved Vendor/Designee to resolve the complaint.

Resolved: Describes a complaint where the Program Administrator was able to help the customer reach a resolution with the Approved Vendor/Designee, where the customer is satisfied with the Approved Vendor/Designee’s explanation, or where the Program Administrator is satisfied with the explanation given by the Approved Vendor/Designee.

Closed: Describes a complaint where the Program Administrator attempted to resolve the complaint as thoroughly as possible, but the attempts were ultimately unsuccessful or the Program Administrator and the customer were unable to receive a satisfactory explanation from the Approved Vendor/Designee to fully address the customer’s concerns.

Complaint DG: DG stands for Distributed Generation. This type describes a complaint about a solar installation on the consumer’s property.

Complaint CS: CS stands for Community Solar. This type describes a complaint about a consumer’s experience with community solar.

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Consumer Protection Database, as of November 7, 2022.

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