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Update to Extension Process for Scheduled Energization Deadlines

The Program Administrator is announcing an update to the protocol for requesting an extension for a system that is nearing its Scheduled Energization Deadline.

Moving forward, all extension requests made under REC contract clause Section 5(b)(v) should be rounded to the last business day of the month.

For example, if a system’s Scheduled Energized Date is August 19, 2020, and the Approved Vendor requests a 12 month extension under Section 5(b)(v), the new Scheduled Energized Date will be August 31, 2021, instead of August 19, 2021. Please ensure this is captured in all extension requests sought under Section 5(b)(v).

This change in protocol only effects extension requests made under Section 5(b)(v) of the REC contract. The protocol for all extensions made under other Section 5(b) clauses remain as stated in the REC contract.

More details on the extension request protocol can be found in the relevant Program FAQ here.

New FAQs Posted

The Program Administrator has developed three new Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). The new FAQs and associated answers can be found here and address (i) REC payment schedules; (ii) clarification of how the utility interconnection queues and ABP waitlist interact; and (iii) explanation on language that is permitted for marketing materials. The new FAQs are listed below with their corresponding section headings within the broader FAQ webpage.

REC Contract

When will payment be issued for my RECs?

Program Application

Does my project have to stay in the utility interconnection queue to remain on the ABP waitlist?

Approved Vendors

Can I tell customers that solar will eliminate their utility bill?