Month: July 2019

Disclosure Form API

The Program Administrator has been developing an API (Application Program Interface) upload feature for disclosure forms (community solar, DG purchase, DG PPA, DG lease, and DG over 25kW) that is now ready for testing. Any Approved Vendor or designee that’s interested may participate in a beta test of this feature on the Program Administrator’s development server. Please note that this requires programming resources on the Approved Vendor’s/designee’s side.  Any Approved Vendor or designee that’s interested in participating in this beta testing should request access by contacting, and more information on how to gain access will be provided.

A further announcement will be made when the disclosure form API feature is added to the live ABP portal. Beta test participants will not obtain any advance access to these features on the live site.

Project Application Reports Now Available

The following project application reports are now available for download on the Illinois ABP website:

  1. Project Applications Received
  2. Project Applications Approved by the ICC without Part 2 Completed
  3. Part 2 of Project Application Complete

These reports will be generated in accordance with the project information release protocols published by the IPA on June 19, 2019. The project confirmation forms addressed in these protocols are also live on the Illinois ABP portal. Approved Vendors can locate these forms on their individual project summary pages in the “Contract Details” section.

New FAQs Posted

The Program Administrator has developed three new Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). The new FAQs and associated answers can be found here and address (i) REC payment schedules; (ii) clarification of how the utility interconnection queues and ABP waitlist interact; and (iii) explanation on language that is permitted for marketing materials. The new FAQs are listed below with their corresponding section headings within the broader FAQ webpage.

REC Contract

When will payment be issued for my RECs?

Program Application

Does my project have to stay in the utility interconnection queue to remain on the ABP waitlist?

Approved Vendors

Can I tell customers that solar will eliminate their utility bill?



Save the Date: Community Solar Disclosure Form Webinar – July 15, 2019

Save the Date: Community Solar Disclosure Form Webinar – July 15, 2019

The Program Administrator will be holding a webinar on the Community Solar disclosure form. Please find the details for accessing the webinar below.

Community Solar Disclosure Form Webinar Details
Date: Monday, July 15, 2019
Time: 2PM CDT
Dial-in: (720) 707-2699 OR (646) 558-8656
Meeting ID: 292 806 469