Month: April 2019

Group A and B Large DG are open for Block 4

The Illinois Power Agency and Program Administrator announce that the Group A, Large Distributed Generation (“DG”) project category (i.e. DG projects from 10 kW-2MW) and the Group B, Large DG project category are currently open for Block 4 pricing.

Projects that applied by February 13 in the Group A, Large DG project category were selected for Blocks 1 and 3 via lottery on April 10. Concurrently, remaining projects were selected for Block 4 via the Agency’s allocation of discretionary capacity. This project category currently is accepting project submissions for the remaining Block 4 capacity.

The Group B, Large DG project category closed for Block 2 pricing on Friday, April 5, 2019. As anticipated, as a result of the capacity of project submissions received for Blocks 1 and 2 by that date, this project category has skipped over Block 3. As of the closing of Block 2, this project category currently is accepting project submissions for the remaining Block 4 capacity.

The Program Dashboard shows the total capacity of applications received in each of Group A, Large DG and Group B, Large DG, broken down by application status.  As a reminder, the Agency’s April 3, 2019 allocation of discretionary capacity brings Group A, Large DG to a total capacity of 141 MW across Blocks 1-4 and Group B, Large DG to a total capacity of 150 MW across Blocks 1-4.

Program Guidebook Updated

The Illinois Power Agency has updated its Program Guidebook previously published on January 31, 2019. The updated Program Guidebook and a redline showing changes from the January 31st version can be found here. Key changes include, among others, (i) an addition of the section titled “Violation of Consumer Protections, Marketing Guidelines, or other Program Requirements”, starting on page 25, which details the process that will be followed when Approved Vendors (or their agents or designees) do not abide by Program guidelines; (ii) clarifying language added regarding the allocation of discretionary capacity; and (iii) clarifying language added regarding changes in system capacity factors from Part I of the application to Part II.

Adjustable Block Program Discretionary Capacity Allocation

The IPA and the Program Administrator announce the allocation of the remaining 25% of Program capacity (approximately 166.5 MW). The Agency has allocated the remaining Adjustable Block Program capacity in a manner which it believes best accommodates the considerations applicable to its allocation. The discretionary allocations for each Group/category along with the Agency’s rationale for this decision can be found in the Allocation of Adjustable Block Program Discretionary Capacity Rationale document.

The Agency and the Program Administrator appreciate the hard work and massive commitment of resources provided by Approved Vendors and other parties in preparing the project applications received during the program’s launch. While we understand that not every stakeholder will agree with this allocation of discretionary capacity, it is the product of attempting to balance competing concerns against the backdrop of a limited budget. Not all applicant projects can be supported in the program’s first phase, and we hope to support many additional projects in future years.