Approved Vendor Responsibilities

Once Approved Vendors have been accepted to the Adjustable Block Program they will have access to an online dashboard through which they can complete consumer disclosure forms, upload marketing material, submit project applications, and file annual reports.

All applications will be completed online on a project by project basis. Applications  can only be submitted in a batch which must consist of at least 100 kW and no more than 2 MW of capacity.  Once projects are accepted to the program Approved Vendors will be required to post collateral to assure REC production under the contracts they sign with the utilities under the Program.

Once Approved Vendors have accepted projects and executed contracts with a utility they will have to file annual reports and project by project reports.  The Annual Report will serve as the basis for verifying that RECs from projects are being delivered to the applicable utility, and, absent corrective actions taken by the Approved Vendor, will be used to determine what actions should be taken by the utilities to enforce the contractual requirements that RECs are delivered, including, but not limited to, drawing on collateral. Additionally, the Annual Report will be used by the Agency to consider the ongoing eligibility of an Approved Vendor to continue participation in the program.

A full list of Approved Vendor responsibilities can be found in the Long-Term Renewable Resources Procurement Plan.The  Program Administrator is currently drafting the specifics of these responsibilities which will reside in the Program guidebook. The Approved Vendor requirements will receive feedback through a stakeholder process including release of a draft, a stakeholder meeting and webinar, and a two week comment period on the draft proposal. The dates for this process will be posted in the Updates section as soon as they are available.