Author: Program Administrator

Adjustable Block Program Timelines

The Program Administrator has developed Program timelines to help Approved Vendors, Approved Vendor Designees, Program participants, and the members of the general public better understand the Illinois Adjustable Block Program. These timelines provide estimated timeframes for each step of the application, approval, and payment process. To provide the appropriate level of information about the Program for different audiences, two timelines are available:

  • Approved Vendor Adjustable Block Program Timeline – Detailed information about each step of the application, approval, and payment process with estimated processing times. Customized for Approved Vendors to help the Approved Vendors and their Designees better understand Adjustable Block Program processes.
  • Illinois Shines Program Timeline – Summary of each step of the program with estimated processing times. This timeline is customized for use in customer (and potential customer) interactions to help them understand Program timing including REC payments. Additional context is provided about the Program to highlight areas where delays in application processing time are possible.

These timelines will be updated on a periodic basis to reflect updated estimated processing times and any programmatic changes.

Project Application Reports Now Available

The following project application reports are now available for download on the Illinois ABP website:

  1. Project Applications Received
  2. Project Applications Approved by the ICC without Part 2 Completed
  3. Part 2 of Project Application Complete

These reports will be generated in accordance with the project information release protocols published by the IPA on June 19, 2019. The project confirmation forms addressed in these protocols are also live on the Illinois ABP portal. Approved Vendors can locate these forms on their individual project summary pages in the “Contract Details” section.

Program Guidebook Updated

The Illinois Power Agency has updated its Adjustable Block Program Guidebook previously published on April 3, 2019. The updated Program Guidebook and a redline showing changes from the April 3rd version can be found here. Key changes include, among others,
• an addition of Section 1, D titled “Waitlist Procedure Clarifications,” starting on page 15, which details the process that will be followed when projects are selected off of a waitlist;
• clarifying language added regarding self-installation;
• and a new requirement for Approved Vendors to incorporate the Adjustable Block Program application ID into the into a project’s PJM-GATS or M-RETS registration.

Save the Date: Workshops on the update of the Illinois Power Agency’s Long-Term Renewable Resources Procurement Plan

The Illinois Power Agency will be holding two days of workshops in June to give stakeholders an opportunity to provide input to the Agency as it prepares the biennial update to the Long-Term Renewable Resources Procurement Plan. The updated Plan is expected to be released for public comment in August. After each workshop the Agency plans to issue a Request for Comments on selected topics for which the Agency seeks additional information.

Workshop One, Thursday, June 20, 2019

Morning: Overview of the RPS and the Long-Term Plan; RPS Budgets; Utility-Scale Procurements

Afternoon: Illinois Solar for All

Workshop Two, Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Morning: Adjustable Block Program structure; REC Pricing Model; Distributed Generation

Afternoon: Community Solar, Consumer Protections


Workshops will be held in the Bilandic Building, 160 North LaSalle St, 5th Floor Auditorium, Chicago. (A Government-issued ID is required to enter this building.) A call-in option will also be available.

The Agency will release more detailed Agendas prior to each workshop date.

Adjustable Block Program Discretionary Capacity Allocation

The IPA and the Program Administrator announce the allocation of the remaining 25% of Program capacity (approximately 166.5 MW). The Agency has allocated the remaining Adjustable Block Program capacity in a manner which it believes best accommodates the considerations applicable to its allocation. The discretionary allocations for each Group/category along with the Agency’s rationale for this decision can be found in the Allocation of Adjustable Block Program Discretionary Capacity Rationale document.

The Agency and the Program Administrator appreciate the hard work and massive commitment of resources provided by Approved Vendors and other parties in preparing the project applications received during the program’s launch. While we understand that not every stakeholder will agree with this allocation of discretionary capacity, it is the product of attempting to balance competing concerns against the backdrop of a limited budget. Not all applicant projects can be supported in the program’s first phase, and we hope to support many additional projects in future years.

Group B Large DG Block 2 Closing

The Illinois Power Agency (“IPA”) and Program Administrator announce that Block 2 for the Group B, Large Distributed Generation (“DG”) project category (i.e. DG projects from 10 kW-2MW) is closing. Block 2 will remain open for the next 14 days per the Long-Term Renewable Resources Procurement Plan’s “soft closing” concept which states that blocks will be “held open until the later of (i) 45 calendar days after opening, or (ii) when the block is filled (in which case the block would be held open for an additional 14 additional calendar days after it is filled).”

Block 2 will close Friday, April 5, 2019 at 5:00 PM Central Prevailing Time. Assuming available capacity, projects in batches submitted during this 14-day window will receive Block 2 pricing if the project application is approved by the Program Administrator, with approval subject to the availability of capacity within this category (capped by the combined capacity of Blocks 2 and 3) plus any discretionary capacity allocated to Group B, Large DG that is announced. Once the 14-day window has concluded, Block 2 will be considered closed and Block 3 will open, to the extent that any Block 3 capacity remains available. Once the combined capacity of Blocks 1-3 has been reached, batches will be considered on a first come/first served basis, and will be deemed eligible for any Block 4 discretionary capacity allocated to the Group B, Large DG category on that basis should the Agency allocate discretionary capacity to Group B, Large DG.

Consistent with the process described in the paragraph A.2 of the Program Guidebook, all Group B, Large DG projects that applied to the Adjustable Block Program in the first 14 days after Program opening (January 30, 2019) will receive Block 1 pricing if the project application is approved. Because the capacity of project applications received during those 14 days (approximately 97 MW) was at least 100% and under 200% of Block 1 capacity, Block 2 in the Group B, Large DG category opened automatically after the first 14 days.

The IPA expects to announce its allocation of discretionary capacity next week, which will provide additional Program capacity at Block 4 pricing.

As a reminder, Group A, Large DG, and both Group A and Group B, Community Solar categories will be subject to the lottery procedures, with each of those three lotteries scheduled for April 10, 2019. Groups A and B, Small DG remain open in Block 1.

Update on Adjustable Block Program Lottery Date

The Illinois Power Agency and the Adjustable Block Program Administrator announce that the Adjustable Block Program lottery will be rescheduled from March 21, 2019 to April 10, 2019.

Based on processing the Part 1 project applications submitted during the first 14 days of the Adjustable Block Program, the Program Administrator has determined that additional time will be required to ensure a complete and comprehensive review of all applications prior to the lottery required for each of three Group/category combinations (Group A – Large DG; Group A – Community Solar; Group B – Community Solar), while still providing the 14-day cure period for projects that require additional information or clarification. The initial review of applications has required a more complex and extensive review and approval process than originally anticipated, and the Program Administrator seeks to ensure that there is adequate time to obtain all information required to ensure that every application submitted in time for the lottery is adequately reviewed and each project is duly qualified for participation.

We appreciate your patience and apologize for this delay, but believe that through the additional time allowed by an April 10, 2019 lottery date, no additional delays are likely to be required.

Tentative Lottery Date Announced and Status Update on Block 1 Applications

The Illinois Power Agency and the Program Administrator wish to announce that based upon Part 1 project applications submitted during the first 14 days of the Adjustable Block Program, it appears that there will be lotteries for the following Group/category combinations:

Group A – Large DG (133 MW of applications received)

Group A – Community Solar (940 MW of applications received)

Group B – Community Solar (864 MW of applications received)

According to Section A.1 of the Lottery Procedure, a lottery would be triggered in a Group/category combination if the applications during the first 14 days totaled over 200% of the size of the applicable Block 1.  For Group A, Block 1 in any category is 22 MW, while for Group B, Block 1 in any category is 52 MW.  Therefore, the applicable thresholds for a lottery were 44 MW of applications in a Group A category and 104 MW of applications in a Group B category.

The tentative date for the lottery is March 21, 2019. More details on the lottery will be released in the coming weeks.

Group B – Large DG, Block 1 received approximately 97 MW of applications by February 13th at noon. If all of those applications are approved, approximately 7 MW of capacity will remain in Block 2 (in addition to 13 MW in Block 3). However, until all these applications have been reviewed it is not possible to definitively determine how much of Block 2 remains open or even if Block 1 has been filled. The Program Administrator intends to announce that Block 1 has been filled when at least 52 MW of applications have been approved and Block 2 will remain open for at least 45 days from that date, based on Sections A.2.a and C.4 of the Lottery Procedure. The Program Administrator will announce the remaining total of Block 2 when all applications received by February 13th at noon have been reviewed.

For each of Groups A and B – Small DG, Block 1 was not filled (approximately 4 MW of applications received in each Group) and remains open.

The project application portal will remain open for application submittals. However, for the Group/category combinations that will have lotteries, any applications submitted after the 12:00 Noon, February 13, 2019 deadline for the lottery will be chronologically placed on the waiting list behind projects submitted to, but not selected in, the lottery. Due to the large number of projects submitted to those Group/category combinations the waitlist in these Group/category combinations may be significantly long. Please keep this in mind in submitting future applications to these Group/category combinations.

The IPA and the Program Administrator appreciate all of the hard work of Approved Vendors and other parties in preparing the over 3,000 project applications received during the first 14 days of the program.